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En gammal bild D12

Elever från skolan sjunger i en kyrka

Students from school sings at a church

En gammal bild D11

Någon prejade mitträcket in i våran bil

Some one smashed the rail into our car

En gammal bild D10

Utsikten från balkongen en snöig dag

The view from the balcony one snowy day

En gammal bild D9

Den “lilla” rondellen vid köpcentret nära nya lägenheten

The “smal” rondell close to the new apartment

En gammal bild D8

Jag och en av studenterna vid punktering på bussen på väg hem från julfirande

I and one of the students on the way home from christmas celebration

En gammal bild D7

Dans vi julfirande i kyrkan

Dance in a church at christmas

En gammal bild D6

Umgänge kring elden vid julfirande på skolan

Hanging out around the fire at christmas

En gammal bild D5

Dansuppvisning vid julfirande på skolan

Dance show at christmas


We have now been one day in Kunming, we arived this morning after sitting on the train for 30h. We are me, braden, ascar and nicolas. Yesterday we got to se allot of chinas nature and wow what wievs we saw! This is such a beatuiful contry, if you come here don’t miss the countryside. The cities are so big and dirty.
Today we have been to a big culture center for al the 26 minorities of Yunnan. This province has allot of minority people. We arived to spring, the trees are bloming and the leaves are on ther way. Wounderfull to have some warm wether and sunshine.
And this evening we met some brothers and sisters to have dinner with and pray togheter. Now it is time for bed, god bless you al

En gammal bild D4

Hur många katter i en hög?

How many cats in a pile?